Innologix Billing is a configurable multiple utility billing platform. It is an integrated component of the Innologix smart utility solution. At the same time, it can be used as an external component. The solution can be delivered in both cloud or delivered modes.

The billing solution is a configurable solution. All types of utility billing including electricity, water, gas etc. can be carried out in the billing platform. It is tightly integrated with Innologix MDAS/MDM module. Of course it can always be used as an external solution as well.

The units /connections can be assigned to subscriptions. One unit may have one subscription or multiple subscriptions. Different types of units can be mapped to different category such as residential, commercial, educational etc.  Each subscription type may have different schedules and different units in a subscription may also belong to different bill groups.  There would be separate bills for each subscription. The bills can be dispatched to the consumers via email, sms, print etc. the consumer can also log on and view their own bills on the internet. The consumer payments can also be recorded into the same system.

The system can also be used for smart billing such that TOU can be billed at different rates etc.