Innologix provides smart prepaid billing systems. The prepaid billing system is based on smart meters as per IS 16444. These smart meters have connect/disconnect relay for each phase of power supply. The meters would be part of Automatic Metering Infrastructure where the meters would provide a bi-directional communication with the software. The software would get the energy consumption and other technical parameters online, generate bill (on daily basis), receive payments and disconnect the meter in case of negative account balance.

Key Feature of the Solution:

  • The meter (three phase and single phase) would be based on  integrated communication module such as 865-867 MHz RF mesh technology.
  • The meter would provide the following data every thirty minutes – voltage, current, power, power factor for each phase and power, cumulative energy, power factor for overall energy.
  • The meter would provide load survey data daily and monthly.
  • The software would carry out daily billing and disconnect the meter in case of negative balance.
  • The software would generate alerts and messages for the consumer.
  • The software would record the receipts.
  • Once the account balance becomes positive, the software would reconnect the meter.
  • The software would also enable increase / decrease in the connected load at the meter. This may be done phase wise as well
  • The consumer would be able to log on to the software (Web based and Android based) and see the energy, billing and payment data at any time.
  • In case of meter communication failure, the software would be able to do catch-up billing once the communication is established.
  • The meter would not maintain any debit / credit information. The meter would be responsible for energy measurements and would have connect/disconnect relays.
  • It would be a customer friendly and transparent billing system. The customer would get online energy data details. The customer would also get monthly billing statements.