Electrical meters (or water meter or gas meters etc.) are critical for measuring supply and distribution of utilities such as electricity. A service provider needs to record the meter reading in the meter to be able to bill the consumption to the client as well as use it for analysis.

A smart meter is typically a meter which allows getting the metering data from the meter remotely. A smart meter may have a range of additional smart functionalities.

The key features of smartness in the meters are related with the following:


These smart meters can be used not only for billing purposes but also for analysis, energy balance, forecasting net metering, smart prepaid etc.


Industry has been providing a combination of these features as well as additional features to provide Smart Meters.

BIS has defined a particular standard IS 16444 to define smart meters.

Innologix provides smart metering solutions integrated with smart meters from partners such as L&T, Schneider, CyanConnode etc. These smart meters are integrated  with Innolgix MDM and Billing solutions to provide comprehensive smart metering and smart grid solutions.