Innologix MDM is a comprehensive and configurable multi-utility cloud based platform for the meter data management. It is a tool to manage the complete data life cycle as well as meter life cycle. It can manage both instantaneous as well as periodic data. It is an open system which can be integrated with multiple head-end systems  with bi-directional communication. It can be used to get all types of sensor data and is not restricted to electrical parameters only. It can work in both manual and automatic meter reading scenario. It has features of network formula to be used for calculations and energy accounting.

Innologix MDM has following key features:


Innologix MDM is a functionality rich solution. It is a configurable platform where the project scenarios can be configured on the fly. At the same time, it is an integrated platform for billing, asset management, customer data management etc. An MDM without these functionalities cannot meet the promises of smart grid.