Innologix provides state of art energy management solution. The solution consists of providing smart meters, online data acquisition from smart meters, Data processing and analysis and data retrieval on web and mobile platforms.

Energy significant cost for industry. The energy cost as a percentage of the production cost may range from 10 % to 50%. There are significant gains possible though operations efficiency program for energy management.  There are technologies available to get online energy information to help run such a program. Innologix energy management is an integrated and comprehensive platform for energy data collection, analysis and dissemination.  The cloud hosted web based platform is available anytime anywhere on the internet with role based access.

An industrial facility requires reliable, efficient and economic energy management.  Energy Management for industrial facilities has typically the following objectives:

  • Reduce the cost of energy
  • Reduce energy wastages /losses
  • Manage the demand / Smoothen the Energy Curve/ Reduce Peak Load
  • Procure Energy efficiently
  • Analyze energy pattern at equipment / unit level
  • Benchmark / compare energy across equipment/ unit / sites